Natalie Sutinen is an Finnish artist based in Stockholm, Sweden, working mainly with film included in sculptural installations. An interest in what is real and authentic runs lika a thread through her work where the filmprocess becomes an investigation into our personal relationship with all images as a means of discovering ourselves. Except for her low-key and unassuming teaching in perception psychology that reveals no dramatic truths, but it urges all of us to be humble before all contradictory statements about what is real and authentic.

Natalie Sutinen has shown work at the Umeå Konsthall in combination with the Europen filmfestival at the Kulturhus in Umeå, Gallery Tegen2, Stockholm, Växjö Konsthall in Sweden, Niklas Bellenius gallery in Stockholm, RIFF, international film festival in U.S.A. and her film got awardes for Best exprimental film in Annual Copenhagen Filmfestival in Denmark -2020, Best director in chacago shorts and Honorble mensions i Venice shorts, among others.